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Cleveland 7/21

Cleveland: Beachland Ballroom

I’ve played here before. It’s an old social hall with a bar in one room, an auditorium in one room and a separate venue in another room. Downstairs is a vintage store. It’s a great place.

On almost every tour I can think of there at least one time when I will drop too much money at a music store. I just got a record player and only have Alice Cooper Live at my place in Brooklyn. The rest are in Kentucky. So, to bolster my collection I bought:

river Bruce Springsteen The RiverIn the movie, Copland, Sylvester Stallone comes home after a shit day of work being a pushed-around sheriff. He lies on the couch and listens to this record.

p williams Paul Williams Just An Old Fashioned Love Song – I wanted to hear Lucky Old Sun on vinyl. He wrote the Muppet M...

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Lancaster, PA 7/20

Lancaster is Awesome:

What a fantastic show with lots of smoke from the fog machine.  I’ve never been to this town before.  It’s got a good scene.  And the Chameleon is a great venue.  One part of the bar is Atlantis themed.  Jesse, the manager, told me it used to have more stuff like the bottom half of a lady in the water and a shark and a fish at the end of a fishing pole.  Jesse studies composition at the university.

They have a wall of fame with promo 8X10’s of bands collected over the years.  I never had one made.  Linnell told me it was a good idea for the newspapers to promote your show.  I’m very unorganized.  I saw a Bogmen picture.  I know what Vic Thrill is doing now but not the others.  I worked with a girl in Texas who had “Princess” on her convertible’s l...

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Dewey Beach, DE 7/19

On the way to Dewey Beach:

I got up at 6:50 this morning, packed, and got a car service to Penn station and took a train to Baltimore. Then, I took the shuttle to the rentals and picked up my car for the tour. I got a gps system. It’s one less thing to worry about. But my gps wouldn’t let me enter Highway One or DE-1 or any other combinations, so I got lost a little.

I get excited on the first day out and get the shittiest food I can. Its stupid. I got Taco Bell. I didn’t ruin myself but I should have stuck to fruit. I will pace myself tomorrow.*

Bottle and Cork, Dewey Beach:

This venue is partially outdoors. The stage is inside and most of the people would be inside. I like playing inside...

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Bowery Ballroom 7/18

Last night was one of the best shows ever. Usually, the front row is full of people who have been waiting to see the headliner and have no patience for me. And I can see it on their faces. And that’s all I see. But last night many of those faces were familiar. And they were smiling. What a wonderful thing. I tried to do my show different. It was fun. I almost threw out a song that I’m still not comfortable with but decided to leave it in. Magic. I slept well. Very well.

It’s also cool to see your heroes excited to see you. Flans and Linnell were all smiles. Fantastic.

Shaky after-show hands took picture


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