Dewey Beach, DE 7/19

On the way to Dewey Beach:

I got up at 6:50 this morning, packed, and got a car service to Penn station and took a train to Baltimore. Then, I took the shuttle to the rentals and picked up my car for the tour. I got a gps system. It’s one less thing to worry about. But my gps wouldn’t let me enter Highway One or DE-1 or any other combinations, so I got lost a little.

I get excited on the first day out and get the shittiest food I can. Its stupid. I got Taco Bell. I didn’t ruin myself but I should have stuck to fruit. I will pace myself tomorrow.*

Bottle and Cork, Dewey Beach:

This venue is partially outdoors. The stage is inside and most of the people would be inside. I like playing inside. Playing outdoors is like paying for dinner by throwing your money in the wind, hoping the cashier is dextrous. This place worked well and the sound guy/manager was really nice.

This show was good for me. I went on too early though. My sheet said 9:30 and I should have gone on later. And I can’t tell how long my set is without a clock, so I went on shorter, not wanting to go over on my time. I’ve done it before and I would be remiss to do it again. But this time it created a longer gap between me and the Giants. dammit.

A pretty lady walked through the crowd with jello shots. I’ve never seen that at a Giants show. That makes it a novelty and it made me want one. On stage, I made it known that I would get one even though the urge to spend money on jello would diminish by the time I was civilian again. As I walked off the stage, a nice gentleman purchased one and gave it to me. It was orange flavored.

I met nice people at the show. I got to watch the Giants, too.

*When I was in the Bindlestiff Family Cirkus it was up to me, Magic Brian and Mr. Pennygaff to find the worst processed meat at a truck stop and eat it and then have poker faces when our stomachs ached. Usually, the winners were either the jerky that was basted in gravy which is called beef steak or the hot-pickled sausage.

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