Bowery Ballroom 7/18

Last night was one of the best shows ever. Usually, the front row is full of people who have been waiting to see the headliner and have no patience for me. And I can see it on their faces. And that’s all I see. But last night many of those faces were familiar. And they were smiling. What a wonderful thing. I tried to do my show different. It was fun. I almost threw out a song that I’m still not comfortable with but decided to leave it in. Magic. I slept well. Very well.

It’s also cool to see your heroes excited to see you. Flans and Linnell were all smiles. Fantastic.

Shaky after-show hands took picture


One comment to Bowery Ballroom 7/18

  • essie  says:

    I *loved* your show that night! I felt what you describe even as I stood near the rear of the room. Great hearing that all of that amazing energy translated from the stage to the audience and back and forth again! Yay! :o)

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