Corn Mo’s Bandcamp Page:
Corn Mo’s Band’s Bandcamp Page:

You can download Corn Mo songs, or whole albums, buy Corn Mo CD’s or listen on this page. Corn Mo songs are also on iTunes. They Might Be Giants with Corn Mo Particle Mogo here. Ben Folds with Corn Mo Get Your Hands of My Womango here or here

.357 LOVER albums can be purchased here.

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“Here Come the Shine Shines” (New Dirty Pants) recorded by .357 Lover with Ted Wood of Brutal Juice on guitar.

Live with banter.

My band, .357 Lover.

Some covers.

Halloween Album.

Performing Franz Schubert’s Die Winterreise with Bill Schimmel (Frank’s Wild Years, Rain Dogs).

The songs below are for sale through They take payment via PayPal and give you a link to download the MP3’s.

Corn Mo and Mauve Oed

cassette release of 1994
Lovely, Happy Day - Safety First - A Cowboy Song for Eeyore - Kill the Woos - Plucky - Home Sweet Home - Jimmy the Rock - Chain Link Fence - Red Collar - Toilet Song - Kolache Song - Walking on Air - Fanfare for Tiny

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