Lancaster, PA 7/20

Lancaster is Awesome:

What a fantastic show with lots of smoke from the fog machine.  I’ve never been to this town before.  It’s got a good scene.  And the Chameleon is a great venue.  One part of the bar is Atlantis themed.  Jesse, the manager, told me it used to have more stuff like the bottom half of a lady in the water and a shark and a fish at the end of a fishing pole.  Jesse studies composition at the university.

They have a wall of fame with promo 8X10’s of bands collected over the years.  I never had one made.  Linnell told me it was a good idea for the newspapers to promote your show.  I’m very unorganized.  I saw a Bogmen picture.  I know what Vic Thrill is doing now but not the others.  I worked with a girl in Texas who had “Princess” on her convertible’s license plate.  She went to LA for vacation.  I asked her how it was when she got back.  She said they drove around a lot and that her cousin was in a band.  “They still play?”  “No, but I think they were big once.”  “Who was it?” “um . . . suicidal . . suicidal tendencies?  Are they big?”  “Yeah.  What’s your cousin doing now?”  “He works at Home Depot.”  That’s a good sign because it means he is still rocking.  And Wikipedia just confirmed it.  By the way, I forgot to ask which one her cousin was.  Details are the warts on Cromwell’s face and incoherent paragraphs are my forte.

I met some nice parents whose kid has been able to get into many shows even though he’s in fourth grade.  I gave him a shirt. 

 I got to play Particle Man this show.  I wasn’t on.  I couldn’t make it awesome.  Linnell is very gracious.

The next morning, I went to the Central Market and got some raspberries and cherry tomatoes and apples for the road.  And an Amish donut. Wait, 3 Amish donuts.

One comment to Lancaster, PA 7/20

  • The Henry  says:

    I absolutely loved this show. I have always yearned to see “Particle Mo” live as opposed to shoddily taped and uploaded to YouTube. Despite being demoted to the second floor of the Chameleon Club, I’d say that this show was surely the best I have ever seen, Mr. Mo.

    And futher more, I’d like to thank you, John Linnell, and Jason Webley for the inspiration to take up the accordion myself. Beautiful sounds, sir.

    Say, come to Pittsburgh sometime!

    -The Henry

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