Monsters of Accordion – Portland

Day 3
We had a late start leaving for Portland. Renee sang Christmas parody songs like the ones I used to read in Mad Magazine. Then she sang Weird Al’s “Christmas at Ground Zero” for me and Jason. She’s a joy.

Kennedy School is a great, great place. So much attention went into making the former school into an amazing complex of bars, restaurants and theaters. The venue we were in had a shitload of couches. It was an old auditorium converted into a movie theater converted for us into a music venue. Me and the Petrojvics drank at a tiny bar they dubbed Hogwarts.
The crowd was great. So nice. From the stage it looked like the seating for the Muppet Movie. For some reason they decided to ask questions like “What’s your favorite color?” “What’s your favorite fruit?” “What’s your accordion’s name?” I had the answers.
I really liked them.
Afterward, we went back to Devin’s. I stayed here before back in ’07. He heard that the Corn Mo name came from RBI Baseball and we played it. This time, he had to go to work, so Jason and I played Dr. Mario where he kicked my ass 3 times. I shouldn’t have dawdled so much with the bricks and should have focused on killing viruses. But I still had fun.

Day 4
I met up with Johnny Murder and Wells at the Vita Cafe. We were in a couple of bands together: The Dooms UK and The Golden Vipers. It was good catching up. He’s into manbroidery now. His work is really good. And he has a new band called Night Beach.

Jason and I walked over to the Shook Twins‘ house. They were working on a Christmas set for a private party. Their banjo, mandolin and other instruments were on the floor when we showed up. Nice girls they are. I love twins who talk at the same time. It’s nothing new but it’s still novel, like a 3-year-old reciting poetry.

I hadn’t brushed my teeth in a couple of days so I bought a toothbrush and some floss. It felt good to have a clean mouth.

Speaking of kids who recite poems, there was a 3-year-old back at the house we were staying at who reminded me of the kid who was in City of Lost Children. He was into tractors and Jason got him to sing along with him at the piano. What a cool kid.

Devin has a guest book that goes back to 2000. I found the entry i left in 2007.

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  • K8IZGR8  says:

    It was my Mirthday that night and now Chocolate Cake is a permanent soundtrack in my Broken Pants adventures. Thankee kindly.

  • cornmo  says:

    You’re welcome kindly.

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