Monsters of Accordion – Seattle 2

Day 2
Jason and I went to pick up t-shirts near the airport. They look really good. Jason is better at telling stories than I am. He told me some good ones about hooking up, epic stories that fiction couldn’t hold.
We picked up the Monsters of Accordion t-shirts and they looked really good. I like watching machines make things and they had one that screenprinted the tees.

Jason and Renee went to Petosa’s to take back an accordion. I hung out with Chris Weber.
We ate Vietnamese then went back to his house which was built by the 3rd most powerful man in Washington state. He’d built it with his dad in the 70’s. He’s a state senator and Chris’ landlord. It looks like an old national park building. There’s a small house outside that the senator keeps. Chris has never seen the inside and the senator holds the door closed when he talks to him.

We hung out and talked about wrestling while watching the stop-motion Community episode.

Neumos is a great venue. Good people.
This was my first time watching Renee and the Petrovijk Brothers. I was blown away by both. It was my second time seeing Amy Denio. What a beauty she is. She has the voice of an angel.

The audience was great. They made the show for me. I enjoyed my set.
Jason brought a huge bag of noisemakers. He’s really good at getting people to do stuff. I love watching him play. He’s a super nice fellow who plays with all of his heart. Like Klaus Meine.
All of us came on stage and played “Fairytale of New York”. What a wonderful time.

Afterwards, I got to see my friend Raj. He’s an excellent musician. He just moved to Seattle from NYC.

I saw a lot of old friends as well. That is one of the many reasons why it’s really cool to tour. Another one is that Max had a party at his house. He and his wife, Theresa, broke out the cookies and booze. The dogs were so excited that I woke up before they did.
What an excellent night.

me and max

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