Monsters of Accordion- Seattle

12/14/10 – Day 1
Flew Delta. It was an old-timey plane that still had the “No Smoking” lights that turn on and off. They showed Eat Pray Love on the aisle televisions. I didn’t want to watch it but had nothing else to do. I was too tired to read or write. So, I made myself sit through it. I unplugged my earphones within the last 20 minutes. It was that bad. Even when I saw The Postman I had to finish it. (The book The Postman is much better than the movie and the movie strays from the book). This movie was like looking at a Rothko. It just pissed me off. At least Rothko didn’t have someone looking over him to make his painting more appealing to movie audiences. Just restaurant ones. There’s really no reason for me to get upset. I do admire Rothko for making me upset.
Then, I was awake enough to read an old ag textbook I’d brought.

I got my luggage, saw Jason and then met Renee. What a sweet person.
Jason, Renee and I went to Hing Loon. They were out of funn.
Renee schooled me on band camps in California. I had no idea there was such a thing outside of the obvious public school marching band camps. These were like retreats. They sound rewarding.
We got the seafood hot pot, snowpeas and scallops, plain congee and spring rolls.
The Petrojvic Brothers showed up soon after. They drove straight from LA. They’re nice fellows. We ordered more dinner for them.

We stayed at Max’s house. He has a wonderful home. What wonderful man he is. He has a beard with no moustache and has an honest smile. His home has a lot of joy. Max’s birthday was at midnight. He gave us free rein of his home. His dogs showed off for us. His wife made two pies for his birthday. There are a shitload of rocks in the bathroom. Max told me to take one. I did. I really love good people.

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