Monsters of Accordion- Eugene

We left late to get to Eugene. The first band was sound checking when we got there. They’re called Aeon Now – Trombone, glockenspiel, banjo, violin, accordion, washboard, bass drum, snare, cymbal. They dress like the Upper Crust but with cooler make up. They were excellent.

This was the most eclectic crowd of the tour. I could play to this crowd every night of my life. They weren’t better than any other crowds but the ages went from one to eighty. That’s a true all-ages show. I appreciate older people coming to clubs. I made a new fan who was in her late sixties.
One of the other things I love about Eugene is the way people dress. There’s an individualism that shuns the conventional hipster boundary. In some scenes, those who follow trends and wear the unwarranted badge of trendsetting offer an unsatisfied boredom. However, the ones in Eugene who aren’t worried about fitting in wear cool shit. I mentioned this to a girl who accented her makeup with a fake stitch across the front of her neck. She agreed.
The show was good overall. It’s inspiring to watch Jason every night. He’s doing it awesome.

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