Monsters of Accordion – San Francisco

Day 4
I opted to ride with the Petrojvic brothers. Charles wanted to leave right after the show rather than get up early.
One of my favorite drives is Oregon through northern California.

It was hard to sleep in the truck but I got a few good naps in. We pulled over to a quiet road near Mt. Shasta at dawn to sleep but because it was so pretty we stayed awake.
We listened to a Dune audiobook for most of the trip. My voice was wrecked from the night before so I kept quiet.
When we got to SF, I stayed with my friends Rich and Jenn. We ordered pizza and played video games. Then, we watched the Joan Rivers: A Piece of Work. It was a nice way to spend the afternoon.

I like Slims. They made us dinner and provided beer and snacks. The security was really nice, too. I made sure they knew that. They really appreciated the crowd that came.
Kimric of Smythe’s Accordion Center brought some refurbished accordions to the show. Accordions that I couldn’t afford but wanted including this red one:

The show went well. A friend of mine from back home in Kentucky came to the show. It was good seeing him.
After the show, I walked a good while to catch a cab. I like walking in the rain but was missing out on some good hangout time.
Rich and Jenn made me nachos while pouring me whiskey shots. Then, we made up arguments like “Phil Collins or Rod Stewart”; “Steely Dan or Rush”; “buffalo wings or bbq wings”. Fun and fun.

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