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No longer jealous of your taco night.

Someone farted on the subway in close proximity this morning. I think it was the dude who tried to hold the bar next to me but couldn’t because it was too crowded so he surrendered to the bar on the ceiling. When the doors opened to Union Square, he left and so did that smell. He was good at farting quietly. Strong and silent like a Steinbeck character. He should be proud.
It should have been me. Because this morning, I had breakfast tacos. That I made. Even the tortillas. So good. I miss being able to get them easily as I did in TX.
I really like Robert Rodriguez movies. On the dvd special features for Once Upon A Time in Mexico he has a 10-minute cooking show on how to make the puerco pibil that Johnny Depp eats and then shoots the chef for making it so good...

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I don’t have any tattoos. I never knew what to get that
future me would approve of. And neither does my friend, Dave, who plays bass in .357 Lover. But he tattoos other people very well.
Here’s his work on Johnny Murder:
more samples
*Ask for the teardrop special.
He just finished the label for the new Coney Island Beer:
*still thinking about the Anne Murray in The Carpenters font on my arm.

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Human Giant 6am-8am

Note: I wrote this after I came home from the marathon. Some of it doesn’t make sense and the grammar is terrible, as I was half asleep writing it. But I don’t want to edit it because that would water down my zombie-like excitement.
i set my alarm for 4:30* but couldn’t get to sleep b/c i was too excited. all these ideas came and went.
i took my piano just in case but i didn’t need it. i took my accordion, too.
i was hoping to get the band to go with me but it wasn’t able to. they were bummed.
i wandered to the green room and saw familiar faces. So damn funny these guys are.
I saw leo allen. He’s a sweet fellow. he writes for the show as does his partner, Eric Slovin. They’re a brilliant pair.
I saw eugene mirman. he’s a funny man. i like that guy. Andy Blitz was doing stuff,...

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Corn Mo on Human Giant Marathon

I will be playing on Human Giant’s MTV marathon show on Saturday morning at 7:00am EDT.
More details, soon.
Subterranean link

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Go see The Go-Getter

Because I said

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Andrew WK Interview

The first time I heard Andrew WK was at Will Johnson’s house. He’d just shown me his share of stock in the Green Bay Packers when he said, “I know someone you’d like.” He played “Girls Own Juice” for me. Holy shit was it awesome. I imagined some guy in his basement in Jersey recording all these tracks. I took it even further when I did a job in Toms River, NJ and saw a White Castle. I took the hate of the cars behind me as I took a left turn (I was living in TX where there aren’t any jughandles nor White Castles). I ordered clam strips and a coke and turned up AWKGOJ and cruised Toms River. Alone. It was a bad ass night.

Please forgive me as you read this interview as it was done by a fan.
andrew wk
Dear Jon,

First of all, thank you for doing this interview with me...

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Gothamist Interview

Gothamist link

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Love Bites

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Photos are dead! Long Live Photos!

The photos page is broken. I don’t know why.

You can view all of Corn Mo’s Photos here:

-Web Mo

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Parkside Lounge, Saturday, October 28

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Des Moines, June 23

Friday, June 23
Des Moines, IA
House of Bricks

Clear Lake, IA

fort custer Fort Custer Maze
I was lucky on the drives as I was coupled with Tyler Fyre, the show’s mc and sword swallower. His van is bad ass. It has flame-tricked pedals and xm radio and good times waiting in each town. He can stay up all night having those good times and still be good to drive and still put on a good show when we arrive.
We started those good times when we passed by the Fort Custer Maze and then turned around to go do it. It took us well over an hour.
If I had money to burn, I would have one of those mazes built, have it changed daily and would toddle through it quickly between the hours of 6 and 7 am...

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Minneapolis, June 22

Upon walking into this venue, there was a man named Cadillac Andy playing a baby grand in the style of boogie woogie along with a drummer.  He was very good.  Rockabilly piano isn’t played enough from where I’m listening.  I felt awkward loading in and setting up while he played on the floor, although he didn’t seem to mind and we had to do it.
There were plenty of dressing rooms for everyone.  I went to the basement, which was reminiscent of hanging out in your neighbor’s basement- musty smell, a dartboard, an old couch, and more dudes than girls. 
The theater is excellent and the sound guy was great.  The seating arrangement, however, made it a bit rough to play to the audience.  There were a few seated near the front but most were sitting on the sides far, far away...

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Chicago, June 21

Midwest Tour with The Pontani Sisters
Wednesday, June 21
Chicago, IL
Drove from Paducah, KY to Chicago.  Traffic in Chicago is amazing!  I truly toddled.  Things learned:  Don’t take sureties over the phone with Expedia and keep close watch on your parking meter.  And get the pizza at Martyrs.  It’s good.
The girl that hit on me was real pretty.  And then a myspace friend bought me the pint of Guinness that she’d promised me on my myspace.  I drank the pint with her and another myspace friend and a fellow that I didn’t know from myspace or anywhere else.  That girl that hit on me was pretty drunk yet still really pretty.
I returned my car rental to the airport around 1am and there was a really long line waiting for me.  Everyone was peeved in the line...

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Subway Reading

started reading a new book.  wish i could download text onto my contact lenses.  only way you could tell i’m reading is by me pretending to hear you talk.  and you ask me what did you just say.

it’s reading like a girl book so far.  but it’s written well.  i wish i could keep reading it.  i bet tv lenses come before text lenses.  by that time, season five of Lost will be the most downloaded.  and i’ll have finished the girl book by then.

my friend recommended the book.  sort of.  so, it’s not like i saw it on the shelf and said, I’d like to read a romance novel.

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Old FFA report I found. I thought I’d lost it. I got an F because I never turned it in due to unseen foresight.

He put blankets on the crops around 4 today to make sure that the frost didn’t kill them. There were about 25 electric blankets lying on a bed of tobacco plants waiting to be turned on.  He wanted to get a head start on his dark plants, creating a longer growing period, thus making the plants more mature and perhaps more flavorful.  He’d argued at the pizza palace the day before about chickens (the older they are the more tasty/nooo, the older they are the more tough and oldey).


The frost came and (wouldn’t you know it?) one of the electric blankets went out and, as a result, the others went out much like Christmas lights.


The leaves froze and by sheer habit, he broke off a piece and put it in his mouth as he did the turnip greens in August...

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Bassoon tracks

Walter Kuhr kindly came by the studio the other day.  He laid down some bassoon tracks for a few songs.  I was going to use bass clarinet but couldn’t find anyone.  It’s better to have friends play anyway.  It’s more fun that way.  He’s the fellow who directs the Main Squeeze Orchestra, the all-girl accordion orchestra.  He also runs an accordion shop called the Main Squeeze.  He fixed the bellows on my accordion last week.  He’s a very good fellow.


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Recording with Tuba Joe

I recorded tuba tracks on four songs with TubaJoe Exley today.  He is Exleynt on tuba.  sorry.


You can hear his stuff here.  The sounds he did with me are for the cd I’ve been working on which is supposed to be done, soon.

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More Bonnarrooooooo!

I caught a ride with a friend of a friend that I hadn’t seen in a while.  He had rented an rv and I made some new friends and had a swell time getting to Tennessee. 

smokering.jpg At one point, we saw a giant smoke ring.

Show. I had an excellent show.  An excellent time.  I don’t know how it could have been better.  I played in a tent and it was hot and I sweated tremendously, but I don’t think ac would have made it better.  I’m sure someone could make a chart and show me how it could have been better but I can’t.  In my memory, it was perfect.

mobonaroo.jpg This is how my dad eats salad.  We only appear angry.

Free. My one-man band status allowed me to treat my new friends to dinner with free-dinner passes.  I met Lewis Black and had a nice sandwich...

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You’re Welcome

Dear Corn Mo,
At the behest of Mr. Bill Stites, I checked out your Bonnaroo set and
was blown away by it.  Never before have I been as utterly compelled
by a single musician with an accordian, or even watched one for that
matter.  I was pleasantly surprised to find you’d be in Baltimore
shortly and will be getting together the small group of people that,
while watching your Bonnaroo set, I thought “I know some people that
would love this” about.

Also, while mildly intoxicated in the backstage band area, I
approached the designer jeans tent and asked for a pair.  When asked
what band I played with, I instinctively spouted out that I was “the
drummer for Corn Mo.”  We talked about our (your) music for a while
and then she gave me the pants.  Since I would not have these pants
were it no...

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