Old FFA report I found. I thought I’d lost it. I got an F because I never turned it in due to unseen foresight.

He put blankets on the crops around 4 today to make sure that the frost didn’t kill them. There were about 25 electric blankets lying on a bed of tobacco plants waiting to be turned on.  He wanted to get a head start on his dark plants, creating a longer growing period, thus making the plants more mature and perhaps more flavorful.  He’d argued at the pizza palace the day before about chickens (the older they are the more tasty/nooo, the older they are the more tough and oldey).


The frost came and (wouldn’t you know it?) one of the electric blankets went out and, as a result, the others went out much like Christmas lights.


The leaves froze and by sheer habit, he broke off a piece and put it in his mouth as he did the turnip greens in August.  At first, he was angry when he chewed but then he cocked his head to the side causing his dog to do the same.  The taste was sweet.  Real sweet.  And you can go to your books and find that this doesn’t happen but it did.  Like a riesling wine (I’m told) but in the form of a skoal bandit or a plug.


He called them Plug Cakes. They soon got the nickname, Cancer Cakes, although they sold like hot cakes.