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Corn Mo with They Might Be Giants performing Hocus Pocus by Focus

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The Man with Almost Tremendous Foresight

I played 2 shows on Saturday.  One was in Red Bank, NJ and the other was in New York City.  The second one was easy because I was to sit in with Mr. Brownstone on a song for their last show ever to be had in NYC.  The only thing was, I kept forgetting the words to Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door.  It should be easy, like who played Uncle Buck, but for some reason I always forget. 

It was on the J train to Bowery where I was trying to remember the second verse to this song when a man came into my car and started playing it.  I hadn’t even prayed for it, yet  and didn’t know I was going to.  I looked for some money to give him but didn’t have any.  I mean I did, but I needed the ten.  

He got to the second verse and I began to remember the words quicker than he sang them (music thera...

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Renelvis Eve

The last time that I played with Renelvis was some time ago in Raleigh, NC.  My friend, John Ray Rickey, lived there at the time and he wanted the two of us to be involved in his buddy’s wrestling tribute spectacular.  It was spectacular.  I wrote an entry song for each character. All wrestlers had a special power and would use that special power in order to defeat the opponent. Years before, back in Denton, when I was in the Dooms, we wrestled Cornhole to decide who would headline.  Our 8 piece art rock team pulverized their 5 piece giant country rock team (sorry for the lack of proper dashing).
Renelvis had two Elvis suits that he’d made himself for the two sets-one of Elvis songs (blue suit) and one of songs inspired by Elvis (orange suit)...

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Dave Hill’s Explosion

I saw The Dave Hill Explosion last night.  He had Fred Armisen, Malcolm Gladwell, and Walter Schreifels as guests.  Fred Armisen did his Sadaam Hussein impersonation.  It’s a good one.  He’s a funny dude.  Real nice, too.  I really like Malcolm Gladwell’s articles for the New Yorker.  I haven’t read his books, yet.  He reminds me of a cross between my old therapist and John Linnell.  He’s very articulate and much smarter than I am.  Walter Schreifels used to play with the Gorilla Biscuits.  I’d never seen them but I liked his song.  It was very well written and he sings nicely.  Dave Hill is a funny guy.  A good showman and a good guy he is.  I hope he wins.


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Main Squeeze Rehearsal

photo by Hai Zhang

photo by Hai Zhang

I rehearsed last night with the Main Squeeze Orchestra.  I’d never seen them before, only heard about them.  When I moved to NYC, I asked around about accordion repair shops and Walter Kuhr’s Main Squeeze came up.  I never went to his shop, opting for Alex’s accordion repair shop in Times Square.

Then, I heard that he’d started an accordion orchestra, an all-female orchestra.  I thought that was a cool idea but still had never gone to see them.  Until last night when my directions brought me to a classroom tucked away near Chinatown to the 13 ladies with accordions led by Walter at the front.

I felt shy for some reason.  I think it was because it was a classroom, but who knows.  So, I quietly went to the back of the room and sat as they rehearsed the Brand...

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I recorded last night.  It’s been a while.  Two other bands have been recording at the same studio so I had to find holes in the studio’s schedule since those bands are better at planning ahead than I am.

I laid down a banjo track on Thank You.  I’m terrible on banjo.  And my banjo kept going out of tune.  But it worked out.  Then, Dave put a bass track on Old Man.  I had a Reason track laid down already but wanted it to be a real bass.   We did two tracks of the bass to be panned in both speakers.  But then scrapped it.  We’ll redo the bass on Thursday. 

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A CD from a Tapas Restaurant

Two guys walk by a guy who is building a fort out of toothpicks and is in the stage of finding something small enough to enjoy the fort.  One guy says, “Hey, why is taking Mo so long to make a cd?”  The other guy says, “Because he can’t find an animal willing to enjoy his newly varnished fort.”

I can send you free is a cd compilation that I received to promote a show that started with my bass player saying,

200px-Johan_Olov_Wallin.jpg  “Hey Mo, this guy wants us to play at his restaurant and will feed us and pay us.   It’s on a Monday and they want to make a cd of the bands playing just to promote the shows.”

prospect2.jpg “ok”

The Saturday before the show I was walking in the neighborhood of the venue and looked inside...

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A Treasure of Crap

Still sick.  How bloggy of me.  I think I’m grinding my teeth in my sleep and in the process I’m milling/mining some mercury and thus making myself a most incredible moron.  There’s more to it than lame excuses I’m sure but that’s a good one I think.

I love lists.  I really enjoy crafting my setlist before a show.  I love watching my grandmother make a grocery list for me.  It’s well thought out and the handwriting is shaky and in cursive.  She usually verbally adds souse because I think she knows its bad for her (souse is a cold cut made from pig snouts).  VH1 goes shithouse on lists.  What?  What I thought was brilliant wasn’t?  What was I thinking?  Lists are quick and factual.  It’s good that I like doing my taxes.  It’s bad that I’ll allow myself to look at inane lists

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Sick of being Sick

I’m sick today.  I hate being sick.  I can’t concentrate on anything except headaches and coughing.  I got it on the plane yesterday.  I should start wearing a mask on the plane so that I don’t get sick or get others sick.  A full-hooded mask.  “Hey, I’m cool.  I’m just sick.  And polite.”

I started writing today and ended up with a stupid poem called “Fat Balling”.  I deleted it.  I can’t write sick.  I’m a moron plus sick.


My Aunt Lilly makes birthday phone calls as it is her hobby.  She also calls the local radio station to remind them to say happy birthday, also.  I had her call my roommate for his birthday and I think this is how it went:

“happy birthday to you happy birthday to you happy birthday i love you happy birthday to you.”

“Thanks, Lilly.  How are you?”


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Upgrading…Don’t be scared. is going through some changes. We ask that you be supportive and not make fun of the site in its awkward adolescence.




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I recorded last night.  It went well.  The album is starting to take shape and I’m getting excited about its progress.  The Magic is You! took less than a week to record.  This one has been taking too long and I’ve been second guessing my choices, frequently.  But now, I feel a momentum and it’s good as I don’t mind fumbling about it.

The artwork is coming along, too.  Not as dynamic as the last one, but cool.  It was going to be called "Your Favorite Hamburger is a Cheeseburger" and then it was going to be called something else but that’s going to change again I’m sure.

One of my favorite songs on the cd so far is 20 seconds long and in German.  I had some help translating and will probably be incorrect in my pronunciations.

I hope to have it out, soon.

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Whenever She is Blue

I used the rendering tool, Coconut Head, on my girlfriend’s first communion photo.  Whenever I show it to her, she vomit laughs.

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Axl Rose

I had a great night last night.  I did a show at the Ars Nova Theater called Automatic Vaudeville.  I like doing these variety shows.  It’s cool to hang out with other performers.  On the bill was a band called Sin Destroyer, At Least It’s Pink, the VIDS, Neal Medlyn, Dirty Martini, and Billy Willing.

They do you well there in the backstage:  pizza, m&m’s (both kinds), beers, carrots, pringles.  If I was doing magic instead of singing I would have had pizza and beer.  Guess what card you’re thinking of?  Magic.

I played two songs and went back to cage, as they say.  After the show I went to meet my lady at Show, where the vaudeville is high class, as they say in Grapevine.

Victoria Secrets had a party at Show with lots of dancing ladies on pedestals...

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Culver City’s Cabinet of Wonder

I had a good time in LA.  I visited the La Brea Tar Pits this time.  There’s a wall of wolf skulls.  Or jawbones.  I can’t remember except that it was immense.  Nonetheless, they have a wealth of fossils there.
Superlative to the museums I visited is still the Museum of Jurassic Technology. Oh, how I love to see the vision of one person come to fruition! There I caught a movie trailer that the founder was showing in order to acquire the funds to make a complete movie.  It was a waterfall with some piano in the background but at one point just the waterfall.  I love quiet nature videos.  I tried to make one in Ireland but my hand shook too much as I was driving.  I hope Mr. Wilson gets his funding.
I did a show with Hard N Phirm...

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Driving in Ireland

Driving in Ireland is really fun, especially in the south.  There aren’t many long stretches.  It’s a lot of curves on tiny roads.  Some two lane roads are the size of our one lane roads and some one lane roads are the size of driveways.  Sometimes I had to just pull over and let the other car go by.  Shift on the left.  Drive on the left.  Good fun.
And there’s a lot of sheep who have the right of way.  Sheep everywhere.  And stray dogs.  Sweet dogs with sad eyes.  An owned dog ran beside my car as I was up to 30 mph.  I’m told dogs that still have their balls can do that. I have a friend who bought his dog neuticles, silicone balls for your neutered dog.  I don’t know how fast he ran.

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There’s a good scene going on in Belfast.  At least to me there is.  Lots of folks came to the show.  I played at the Menagerie, a good bar with good people and good beers.

The band, Son of Shrimp, invited me to play with them.  They are awesome with the prog rock.  Really nice fellows.  The other fellow, John Cairns, was good, also.

Jimmy and his new wife, Georgie, came and brought some of my new fast friends from Jimmy’s wedding.  This one guy, Brendan, looks like Robin Leach and has the mannerism of the great Steve Porter.

rleach.jpgThe way Brendan looks. On the right.

We had played trivia at the Farmers Inn the previous night and I gave him answers like a traitor because he’s that cool.

blazingsad55.jpgI gave him Cleavon Little. He came to my show.

Jimmy gave us a ride around Belfast...

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When I played soccer (or football, depending on how you talk out loud) in the 3rd grade, we voted for a team name.  One dude, who talked too much, wanted The Sweathogs.  I wanted that, too.  Another fellow liked The Rowdies. Another fellow wanted The Strykers.  The dude for the Sweathogs kept pacing saying "Sweathogs" so much that Coach Kennison told him to shut up and that we were not going to be called The Sweathogs.  The team was called the Rowdy Strykers. 

The MTA workers went on strike today.  I’m going home today.  I hope that’s good timing.

soccer.gifrobot soccer

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Weekend of Other People’s Shows

On Friday, I saw Todd Barry and Andy Kindler on Friday for one of those Comedy Central Presents.  They both killed.  They’re killers.

todd-barry.jpgfor your wallet-size

On Saturday, I saw my friend, Dave, play.  He was Izzy from Brownstone and played an acoustic set of his own material.  Good times.  Good songs.  He has no cd’s nor a website so you’ll have to have my hearsay alone.

"Thanks so much for coming out to my show Saturday – it really meant a
lot to me. I was not expecting so many people to show up and neither
were the people working there. When I was soundchecking the sound guy
was all "hey, maybe people will hear your guitar and come upstairs and
stay for a song or two…then at least you’ll have a few people in the
room."  Then you guys were all "hey, we’re here for the show" and I was like "yeah!"

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Letter from a Brownstone

Dear Axl Rose,

I am sorry that I used your likeness on stage this weekend.  I was you not only in New York but in Boston as well.  I wore a kilt like you did and a bandana like you did and grew a beard like you did and tried to sing like you did.  But if you were Elvis, I would have been Aloha Elvis, which I like better than young Elvis. 

I used cheat sheets for all the songs that I thought I knew.  You write so many words and its hard to remember.  I apologize.  But, boy oh boy, you should have seen the mess of notes at the end of the night.  It looked like I was reading old timey data sheets in the rain.  You see where I’m going?

I also didn’t drink the sweet tea that was offered to me.  But, in that I think I was straight on with you.

Oh, and by the way, I don’t know what road you pave...

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