3/10/08 Athens, GA – 283 Bar

On the way to Athens, we stopped to get gas in Harlem, GA. It’s the birthplace of Oliver Hardy. Subsequently, there is a museum dedicated to Laurel and Hardy. It was closed. I’m sure it's excellent.

oliverhardy closed. coño. photo by suke

Lori, the owner of 283 bar, is a sweet sweet lady. We arrived in Athens and she immediately gave us drinks and let us hang out a bit before loading in. During the load-in she made note of the coin-slot disco ball by the jukebox. She would deactivate the monetary switch in order to give us carte blanche with the ball along with the smoke machine.

athens5 photo by suke

We wandered the downtown with cd’s trying to put some on consignment. They are good with the local music but understandably not willing to burden themselves with unsigned touring bands. Except Wuxtry. Mike, the fellow working there, recognized me as a friend of Fishboy and allowed me to sell him some of our cd’s. Friends are good to have. He then put the cd's in the display case, replacing the remastered Joshua Tree cd. That was extra nice of him.

athens1 wuxtry photo by suke

The next stop was Wilson’s Restaurant. That place is amazing. The ladies were sweet on us and made us fried pork chops and fried chicken with the most comforting sides.

athens4 suke's dinner-green beans, mac and cheese, okra and tomato, biscuit photo by suke

athens3 the ladies who made our dinner photo by suke

My friend, Doug, was getting off work so we went to his house. He has an amazing place and a great dog, Tiny Doug. The last time I was out there we went out on his boat, Woman Magic. He’s my good times friend. He owns a flooring company that reclaims wood floors. He used to be an entomologist and still has museum-style glass cases with taxidermied insects. He’s selling his house complete with a movie room and fenced-in yard for Chinese Crested dogs like Tiny Doug.

athens2 Tiny Doug and Doug photo by suke

We hung out for a bit and then Lori came over. After porch sitting a while in good weather we went back to the venue. Edison Project pulled up and we helped them load in. We had a good night. The crowd was great and we had fun. Athens is a great town.

athens7 Lori's other place is Dynamite photo by suke

athens8 shirt from Dynamite photo by suke

athens6 one more pic of Tiny Doug photo by suke

2 comments to 3/10/08 Athens, GA – 283 Bar

  • doug  says:

    that is such an awesome review. Thanks. Doug. I just missed you guys in NYC last week.

  • Collectible Glass  says:

    Tiny Doug is so cute. What kind of dog is Tiny Doug?

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