3/9/08 Augusta, GA – 1021 Bar

We checked into the Budget hotel.  They had a Coke machine that dated before Coke Classic.  I have a theory that New Coke was introduced as a smokescreen in order to replace sugar with corn syrup with Coke Classic.  Theories are fun.  I also had a theory that if you looped the electromagnetic spectrum you could reverse time.  Here’s some digression to magical realism:  If you put a radio at the end of a rope and spinned that rope at a 5-foot diameter from yourself during a nuclear explosion, then you could go back in time to a date that you really enjoyed and cut the time line into the form of a Wheel-O. Problem solved.

We were early so we hung out in the room and watched Randy Jackson’s Dance show.  A dance crew dressed as vampires were my favorite.  They were beat by Fish and Chicks.  They brought it, but I’m still fascinated by dancing vampires, even if they look like the kind who shop at Hot Topic, they’re still dancing vampires.

We got to the venue where there was a photo shoot with girls dressed as strippers.  It was very popular with the locals who turned up on a quiet Sunday afternoon.

Our friends, Edison Project, live in this town and invited us to play this venue.  They’re really nice and I like their band a lot.  Two of the mates are brothers and their dad played drums in a band that toured with the Beach Boys.  During that tour, Dennis Wilson’s bus, that carried the drummers from the other bands as well, had gotten lost.  As a result, Micah and Zach’s dad had to sit in with all of the drummerless bands, including the Beach Boys.

The show was good and we were happy to be there.

 augusta1 photo by suke

zach zach from edison project photo by suke



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