3/8/08 Greenville, NC – The Spazzatorium

Ron and Dave drove to Jersey to pick up the van and met us back at the rehearsal studio.  Our gear was a tight fit.  It started raining. All the way from NYC through Richmond the rain was torrential.  But we hauled ass because we were supposed to load in at 8pm.  We had a gps system and tried to keep the arrival time before 8.  After Richmond we hit a couple of rubberneck hold ups due to wrecks.

I’d played Greenville in the past with the Bindlestiff Family Cirkus.  It was a great time.  This time was a little stressful getting to the venue. 

They have Galaga there.  I love that game even though I usually die before the second challenging stage.

 spazzatoriumphoto by suke

Jeff, the co-owner, was really nice. “We’re about to order wings if you guys want some.”  I did because wings are so good.  But I’m with the band this time.  Plus, there was no one there and he was gonna push the show back a little until people showed up.

So, we went to check into the super 8 and then went to Bojangles, Suke’s favorite.  The Super 8 was great this time.  One time I stayed at one in Wytheville, VA and two of the staff were doing it in my bed.  And by doing it I mean watching tv with the covers down implying doing it earlier meaning having sex on my bed.  Dirty people, dirty bed, dirty motel.  No sign of that at the Greenville Super 8.

Two other Brooklyn bands were on the bill:  Black Horse and Airwaves.  There were still wings on the counter but I didn’t want any.  I went outside to check on the van and met the neighbor, Jon, who made metal sculptures.  He invited me to his place and showed me his other artwork- paintings and sculptures.  I pet his dog and had a nice visit. He was really nice and had a great place to make his art.

 ron outside spazzron  photo by suke

We went on at 2am and played hard.  It was nice to play our first show even though we were tired.  Jeff was really nice.  I’m glad he’s doing his best to make that place stay open.

 done and donedone and done  photo by suke

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