A Corn Mo Show on Sunday

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Instagram show

Sunday, 5pm EDT at instagram.com/cornmo.

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The Twelve Days of Christmas

available always at https://cornmo.bandcamp.com/album/the-twelve-days-of-christmas

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Stars in the Flock

A song called Stars in the Flock.

A video to accompany it.

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Monday Night with The Bindlestiff Family Cirkus

Bindlestiff’s Open Stage: Quarantine Edition on Monday night at 8PM ET! Tune in on Facebook or YouTube at www.facebook.com/bindlestiff.cirkus or www.youtube.com/bindlestiffcirkus.

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jumbo cigar

a novelty song about a novelty:

a video to accompany the novelty song:

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Power-Hungry Horse

A song about a horse who wants power.

A video to accompany the song about a horse who wants power.

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A song about glue.

A video about glue.

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Bindlestiff Family Cirkus

June 8
Bindlestiff Family Cirkus’
Open Stage: Quarantine Edition
7:30pm EDT

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Rockwood Music Hall

Instagram LiveStream @rockwoodmusichall
10pm EDT
Join us for Rockwood LiveStream Concerts taking place on the Rockwood INSTAGRAM page.
All live streams can be found at @RockwoodMusicHall on Instagram Live, and proceeds will be split between the artist streaming and the venue.
NOTE: You must be logged in and use Instagram to watch the feed, ON A MOBILE DEVICE. Instagram LIVE videos do not work on a desktop.
Please RSVP and consider donating, and we will keep you posted as more are confirmed and announced. All RSVPs will receive an email reminder 15 minutes before the set is scheduled to begin.
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Live at Dan’s Silverleaf in Denton

Wednesday, May 6
7pm CDT/ 8pm EDT
Streaming live at https://www.facebook.com/dans.silverleaf.denton
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It’s about a dad waking up his kid to watch Superman.

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New Songs

Here’s a song that was released by Harry Von Tilzer and Arthur J. Lamb in 1902.

Here is an unreleased song that didn’t go on The Purchase of the North Pole.
It didn’t fit the tone of the record.
It’s about going to a Rush show in San Antonio in 1986. Which I did.
It was my first Rush show.
This story, however, is fictional history

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Live to Vinyl Session with Leesta Vall

On March 28, my band .357 Lover is going to play a few songs direct to vinyl. Each vinyl record will house one take of a song. If you want one, you can preorder here:


UPDATE: We are postponing our session. It’s still happening. We’ll be back after this.

357 Lover-Preorder

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The Corn Mo & Love Show Show! February!

Tickets: http://www.slipperroom.com/e/the-corn-mo-love-show-show-86618689833/


The last time I sang with QueensiƱera . . .

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February 3 at Arlene’s Grocery


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WOODS Rebroadcast


Last year, I collaborated with a dear friend, contributing songs to his radio show called WOODS. It reairs this Saturday.

WOODS begins rebroadcasting on KUZU this Saturday at midnight!

Featuring WOODS 24: LEATHERMAN & LAZY SUSAN, with NYC/TX musician Corn Mo, and a rare replay of WOODS 18: GOODBYE LETTERS HELLO NUMBERS, examining numbers stations and television sign-offs from 1970 to 2000.

Broadcast terrestrially at KUZU 92.9FM – 76201, and streaming worldwide at KUZU.FM.

or listen to it at will:

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The Corn Mo & Love Show Show! January!

Ticket link

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.357 Lover at Rockwood Music Hall


Sunday, January 5
196 Allen St.
Stage 2
no cover
photo by John Huntington

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The Corn Mo & Love Show New Year’s Eve Eve Show!



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