John Titor and Eloi Cole Fan Fiction

Some background information: John Titor is the Paul Bunyan of time travel. Eloi Cole is either the James Frey of time travel or the Billy the Kid of time travel.
John Titor and Eloi Cole are sitting at a bar. John is drinking beer and Eloi is drinking 12-year-old single malt. Both are getting to the point of talking too much.
At one point, John says, “Eloi, what year did you say you came from again?”
Eloi responds, “That depends, John. What year did you come from?”
The Price-is-Right strategy comes into play at this moment. If Eloi says 2016, then John will say 2017. John can say whatever he wants about the year 2017 because Eloi doesn’t know what has happened in 2017. Furthermore, John can ask Eloi who won the World Series in 2016. In addition, John can always use the future civil war to combat the World Series question. Yet, there are too many chess moves for both of them so it’s best that the subject changes.
Eloi says, “What’s the best joke of the day from whence you came?”
John says, “Two eagles walk into a bar full of snakes. The bartender says, ‘Hi, what can I get you?’’”?
Eloi says, “And then what?”
John says, “That’s the joke. When the civil war comes, nothing is funny. Uplifting stories are preferred.”
Eloi can’t think of a move and says, “Bartender, I’ll have another Mountain Dew Code Red.”
He then turns to John and says, “Thank God for time machines.”


  • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsSgtGreen

    Can you spell D-O-R-K? This whole exercise was some dork’s idea of a “game changer”. Obviously left wing mentality from John and Eloi is just a mystery I suspect was just an internal CERN joke. Neither one of these people displayed the caliber required to even get a “Secret” clearance from the Government.
    The words John Wrote were obviously designed to frighten people to vote other than they might if they weren’t easily frightened and motivated by a medium, not unlike the Orson Welles Broadcast in “War of the Worlds”.
    Having been in the loop in Military Testing Circles I can tell you John would not be talking if he were properly briefed and debriefed on a regular basis. Only a few pathetic snivelers ever even try something like that and then they eventually get caught. John was just a politically motivated dissenter who wanted to disrupt the current Presidents (of that “worldline” period he was in. 2000-2001) life with DORKS who have nothing better to do with their lives after cashing the welfare check and putting down the Bong but to get on the internet and write letters to the President asking him to do something about the predictions ol’John is making on the Internet.
    I can see what is going on in the media and internet with nuts who propose their propaganda as the gospel truth. I was trained to observe with some degree of skills in relation to body language and demeanor but the internet doesn’t give you that ability, so one has to look beyond the words to determine the purpose of the piece.
    Did John say anything about the “change” that put us deeper in debt? Did he mention we would get a half/half President? I would think that event would be a biggie for some left-winger. John just spoke of doom and gloom which is the norm for a Propagandist of his political leanings.
    I say it’s ALL BUNK! He had some conspiracy theorists entertained to the point that he has become an “internet legend” in the internet genre. “Internet Legends” are as plentiful as jelly beans and are legends in their own sphere of influence such as conspiracy theorists bloggers or knitting group bloggers. There have been legends of Military sites and every goofy theory website so I think we’ll probably see more of these kinds of characters on the internet because it is growing and more “writers” are popping up everywhere.

    Believe what you will, just don’t waste your life in pursuit of that belief. Live life and do what you like and have fun.

  • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsSgtGreen

    I’d love to but the page you suggested doesn’t have the same “Leave a Reply” option as this page does.
    Interesting video. I see they have reference to WMAP and it’s mission good stuff at NASA. I spent a few weeks in Pearland and Houston last year. Love those NASA rockets and people. I saw the Diagram schematic that was used on one of the websites that showed pictures of what he posted as his TM. I read some of the discussions ( a lot to get through) but I didn’t see anything to indicate the individual identified as John Titor has ever had any Military Experience. The Vernacular was all off in his posts and it sounded more like a kid with too much stick time (Nintendo).
    I propose that if one were to time travel they would have to have a device that was designed to be implanted in their body that would create the field required to overcome the gravity question. It doesn’t seem enough though because to travel in that fashion one would have to overcome the effects of Gravity, Light and Energy. It would seem that each effect in it’s modification would cancel certain effects gained by the other two.
    I guess I will have to go back and look at some of the theories he has claimed his generation has solved.

  • cornmo

    How to Build a Time Machine by Paul Davies is a good read. The author gathers that going back is impossible while going forward is not. However, I believe that if wormholes can be harnessed, then viewing time is not impossible.

  • mercichoche

    eloi cole was on twitter until the end of september. He canceled his account and left I guess “back to the future” before October arrived. I actually participated in direct messages to and from him and he had a different perception and attitude from anyone I have ever seen. Remember CERN is testing time travel and Physicist state that mathmatically it can be done. They are experimenting with exactly what is claimed to be done in the future. He did state how they would stop the oil leak in the gulf of Mexico two months before they actually accomplished the process. progress continues with open minds, when one closes their minds to other possiblities they stifle the continuation of progress.

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