Monsters of Accordion 8/21 – Jason’s Place

There were two places to sleep at Jason’s. One was the apartment of a dearly departed friend that was nestled inside a wood shop. It had a bed, a couch, and a lazy boy. Jason and Geoff slept there. The other was Jason’s house which is a shack that floats on the river. That’s where I slept. I slept very well. It rocks pretty well when boats come by.

“Feel free to pee into the river,” Jason told me since the shack is one room with no bathroom. I used the bathroom in the bathroom because there’s a mom-to-be living in an rv parked nearby and its rude to pee in the accidental viewing distance of a pregnant lady. She wants to name her kid Eva May Joan Fog. She and her husband want to change their last name to Fog because they don’t want to hyphenate the current last names. If the kid were to be a boy they would name him Everett Pterodactyl Fog. At one point they wanted to change the last name to Pterodactyl but received much grief from the future grandparents.

where the Fogs live

Mrs. Fog’s dad, Rick, came over to flip his boat. It had capsized and smelled strong of gas since the motor was upside down. The previous night, Jason had tried to rock it back but it didn’t work. By morning the tide had gone out and the boat was halfway stuck in the mud.

The goal was to tie a rope to the boat and throw the excess rope to the shore. Jason threw the rope to Rick and fell in. His cell phone was ruined. His hat was a bit ruined, too. Rick pulled his boat to shore and then took the dory boat to find his boat’s seat. He was successful.

I met Aaron. He’d driven from Oakland and had slept in his van. Whoever colored his Mohawk did a good job.

We took the dory out and saw some yachts that had met their demise. One was called Elusive Dream.

The fish were jumping.

monster16ps.jpg Jason and Duckmandu on dory

monster17ps.jpg Geoff


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