Dave Works Hard

Dave was humpin’ it. Really humpin’ it. He had tires that were in one room and
a need for tires in the other room. So he moved the tires as fast as he could.
Thump. Thump. Thump.
He was humpin’ it.
Taking a new tire off the rack, spinnin’ round, letting go, and letting it thump into the new tire room.
“Thirty-six, done,” said Dave as he wiped his sweaty eye sockets.
His boss came in and said, “I said I needed two tires by 6:30. Put these back.”
Dave was humpin’ it. Putting thirty-four tires back in their places.
“Thirty-four, done,” said Dave as he wiped his sweaty eye sockets, again.
Dave was humpin’ it in his mind. He never worked in tires his whole life. But
he knew how to work his brain. And he was a self-starter. When you get
trapped in a dungeon there is little work to be done in your brain. The
year was 1389 and he had no idea what tires were. But, when you have nothing
to do but astral project yourself into the future, you learn what tires are and
you count them.

c. 2003

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  • Jeff

    I will never forget this story for as long as I live.

    I will tell it to the ones I love, and I shall do so with great reverence for the mighty mind of Corn Mo!

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