Monsters of Accordion 8/20 – Getting There

I forgot I was flying out of Newark. I shouldn’t have had the plane booked out of Newark. It’s easy when you don’t have a lot of bags. Otherwise, it sucks. The cheapest way is to take the subway to the PATH train and get out at Newark Penn and transfer to a bus. The second cheapest is to take the subway to New York Penn and take Amtrak which was $37 when I checked. Amtrak is overpriced. Another way to go is by car service: $60. Dammit. I didn’t have time to do the other options.

The driver was nice and chatty but he couldn’t read road signs very well. I gave him the benefit of the doubt I’d had when he passed the exits for the airport. It’s his job and he probably knows a shorter way, I thought, so I’d leave him alone. He passed three exits and got on the turnpike so we were late getting to my flight. Turnpikes aren’t made for mistakes. I offered to help him get a job at my friend’s work.

Continental sucks. They’re the worst airline next to Northwest. A few years ago, I used a beat-up walker as a keyboard stand because it folded and was easy to carry. Continental wanted to charge me $90 as extra luggage. I told her it was hers to keep. She let it slide.

This time, I walked up to the gate and was about to ask something-

“Sorry , we’re not boarding yet.”

“Thanks!” I ignored her and ask the tired looking one as the sweet genius left. “I just wanted ask a question.”

“Sure, when I can clone myself into 5 people you can.”

“I just wanted to ask a favor.”


“Is it cool if I get on early to put my instrument on?”

“Sure, I don’t care.”

This lady does need a clone. She’s tired and burned out. My old roommate worked for Jet Blue. She was nice and pretty. She quit because they overworked her. She was always able to garner cheap rum.

Jason met me at the airport.  He’s the guy that set up this tour.  Geoff had taken a train from Vancouver and was in the car.  Aaron was driving up from Oakland.  It was about 3am my time but I was awake.  Upon arriving in Everett, we passed by a place called McCabes. 

“I’ve lived here for years and never been in there.”

“Let’s go.”

We looked in and saw dance lights and some drunk dancing.  If not for the cover charge we may have gone in.  The music sucked and drinking beer with a cover charge isn’t fun.  It’s almost as bad as waiting behind a velvet rope to drink with a cover charge.


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