Dan Castle

I met this fellow who built rocks out of sand with rubber and glue.  He took a rock and made a mold from it.  Then, he would go to his mixing bowl using sand, glue, and sometimes an egg to make a sort of dough, inserting it into the mold.  Then, he would squirt an epoxy that he called, "The Going Backwards", and it would harden.

When he had enough rocks he built a castle.  Well, he called it a castle but it was more like a house.  With two turrets divided by a porcelein minaret and a slide for the back stairs it was definitely an odd house.   There was one room blocked that was not unlike a caved-in mineshaft.  He told me that pile was a door.  I tried to open it, thinking it was one piece made to look like a pile of rocks but I was wrong.  It took a good 45 minutes to open that "door". 

Inside was a room with a horse/motorcycle he had not finished building. 

"It’s gallops don’t propel the bike.  They are not unlike Ramp Walkers.  The gallops create energy that is stored in the motor.  It’s propulsion primed, it will go for great lengths on recycled movement."

rampwalker5.jpgA Ramp Walker’s underside

Finishing my visit, a reporter with a 2:00 appointment met us outside and quipped, "So, this is the house made out of sand."

To which my new friend replied, "Call it what you like."