How to Be Better Than You Already Are

A fine piece of literature was beholden at this dime store that had become a dollar store.  It was a book on how to mold yourself into a better person so I thumbed through it for a grain of salt.  The cashier saw me looking at the book, walked over, and grabbed it out of my hands.  She thumbed through it like it was cash.



"I put a note in here from my tommorrow boyfriend so that my backup boyfriend wouldn’t see it and now it’s gone."

"What’s a tommor-"

"Nevermind.  Dammit.  FFFFFF-Why can’t people leave shit alone?"

And then she ran down the aisle of office supplies and thumbed through all the coloring books that were only a dollar.  She was creating quite a pile while her register was building a good line of people.

One customer finally said, "Hellooo?"

"Hold on!  dammit."  She thumbed through a Noah’s Ark book, grabbed something, ran back showing me the note for assurance and then ran-walked to the register.

The customer thought she was pretty so he wasn’t mad anymore and asked,  "Are these batteries any good?  Cause they’re only a dollar."

"I don’t know.  Do you want ’em?"

"I guess.  They’re only a dollar."

Then, I saw two guys get out of different cars in the lot and sensed that one was tomorrow and one was backup and they didn’t look like dollar store buyers.

And then, I don’t know how, but the girl made herself look 80-years-old. 

oldlady.jpgShe was brilliant.  And flighty.