Axl Rose

I had a great night last night.  I did a show at the Ars Nova Theater called Automatic Vaudeville.  I like doing these variety shows.  It’s cool to hang out with other performers.  On the bill was a band called Sin Destroyer, At Least It’s Pink, the VIDS, Neal Medlyn, Dirty Martini, and Billy Willing.

They do you well there in the backstage:  pizza, m&m’s (both kinds), beers, carrots, pringles.  If I was doing magic instead of singing I would have had pizza and beer.  Guess what card you’re thinking of?  Magic.

I played two songs and went back to cage, as they say.  After the show I went to meet my lady at Show, where the vaudeville is high class, as they say in Grapevine.

Victoria Secrets had a party at Show with lots of dancing ladies on pedestals.  There was a velvet rope outside but I didn’t see anyone corralled in the cold waiting to have something awesome happen when they got their drinks.

Una had already done her trapeze act, so we went upstairs where there were more pretty ladies and then I saw the great Axl Rose!  Holy shit!

“I saw you in ’93 at Texas Stadium.  You were awesome.”

And that was it.  I couldn’t talk anymore.  Until I had some champagne.  Then, I was back talking to him about Mr. Brownstone and asking him about Chinese Democracy and then he told us about his first time in NY, hanging out with Sean Penn and how surreal it was, and about Stephanie Seymour and how she fucked it all up and then this guy was doing a magic trick with me and him and kept calling him Ax because he had no idea.  I met Axl Rose!  He was a very nice fellow.axlmo.jpg

Me and Axl