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the lover in philly playing “don’t stop me now”


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Ben Franklin as a werewolf

Magnus Buchan to Max Fischer: I always wanted to be in one of your fookin’ plays.

I’m in a play reading on Friday.  My friend, Nick, asked me to do it and I needed to say no because I have too much going on this week.  But I love his plays and his puppet shows so it was too hard to say no.  Furthermore, the part he wrote for me is Ben Franklin, who turns into a werewolf.  

 It’s 1763 and there are  vampires in Philadelphia.

Paula Abdul Blackwood is a beautiful young Quaker girl being forced into marriage with the wheelwright’s son.

Jack Sheridan, a politically idealistic young vampire, is the man she loves. 

Everywhere there is dissent.  Fractious parties debate the future of the colony.

MC Skat Kat and Benjamin Franklin vy for power in the Assembly.


This is a play abo...

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Things I found in my room

I was cleaning up some things in order to build the diorama for the next cd cover. I tend to take too long cleaning because I enjoy reminiscing. I found these things:


I can’t remember who drew this. I really like it though. I’m glad the date’s on it. That’s exactly how I looked in ’07.


This is a setlist from a Bindlestiff Family Cirkus show. I don’t remember where I was.
Intro: Philomena’s Bindlestiff song
Diablo: Kinko the Clown’s really good at this act.
Magic: Magic Brian. He was diligent about keeping a notebook of previous tours so that he wouldn’t do the same trick again.
Glass: Dr. Flummox walked on glass.
Corn Mo: I did a few songs.
Okra: I can’t remember if he did the knife throwing act or if he smashed a cinder block over his head. I think it was the latter...

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Madonna is very fit

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