Good times in Hamilton

I played Colgate University a couple of weeks ago. It’s up in Hamilton, NY. Not having a car, I hitched a ride with my friend, Jerm, who had a show up in Potsdam. He wanted the company and some help with gas. It’s a really pretty drive from NYC to Hamilton. It was snowing on the way up and a few times we found ourselves in patches of blizzards.
Neither of us had phone service at the point we past Sidney which meant that the gps on Jerm’s phone was gone. So, we bought an old-timey map which worked perfect.

I neglected to find out where on campus I was playing, so I wandered a bit. I asked someone and she pointed me to downtown Hamilton. I had a nice walk.

I got to the venue, The Barge, and camped out in the back. The manager, Susan, introduced herself and hooked me up with a place to stay, so I canceled my hotel.
It was a fun set. Everyone was really pleasant. I met my hosts for the night and they took me to the beer store. Upstate NY makes really good beer.
My new friends – showed me a good time with food from their respective jobs, beer and wine. Such lovely people. Randy and Joe have a band called Rabbit in the Rye. They played some songs in the kitchen. The kitchen is the best place for songs.

Goodnight, Mo.

When I got back, I got a nice handwritten letter from them.

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