Stubb’s Fan Fiction

“Can I get a chopped beef sandwich with a side of collard greens and an order of wings to start and sweet tea.”


The fellow who went and ordered such things received them and privately said grace because he was so excited that he felt compelled to say grace even though he hadn’t done so in a long, long time. His collard greens were amazing. He’d tried to boil them himself on a couple of occasions but was never able to get the texture like this. Perhaps next time he will steam them.

After he finished his dinner, he went to use the bathroom and accidentally walked into the green room intended for someone else. He apologized and was given a can of beer which he took with him unopened to the bathroom, set it on top of the urinal and looked at it while he did his times tables for there were many around him.

He opened his beer on the way out and went back upstairs. His friends decided to go to another bar and on his way he saw some friends from a long time ago that he loved very much. He pretended he hadn’t eaten yet and stayed behind, ordering the same thing as before and enjoyed the company of his old friends.