John Titor Fan Fiction: The Accidental Nap

John Titor’s machine was gravity based and would allow him to travel back to the time he needed to go.  However, one day while “rewinding” (he was trying to watch someone type in a password into the IBM he was about to obtain 10 minutes into the future) a black hole shot an anti- ray right onto his machine (like a reverse disco ball) thus disabling the Gravity Sensor Unit and throwing him sideways onto another timestrip that was a phantom strip but one that kept going, like a fart that never leaves.

Anyhoo, he found himself in the year 1999 and was giggling over the y2k hype, not knowing he was on a phantom timestrip.  “The sky will be falling from now on,” he thought and went to an internet café and tried to log onto his email account but kept failing. 

Finally, he went to the administrator behind the counter.

“My computer isn’t working.”

“What’s wrong with it?”

“I can’t get any pages to come up.”

So, he walked over with John and asked for the page.

“It’s just yahoo.”

“Don’t know it,” and typed “” and the yahoo page came up.

John then realized he was on the wrong time strip and asked, “What do you guys call the problem about the double-digit numbers turning over to 1900 instead of 2000?”

“What problem?  We don’t have a-“

And then everything around him started disappearing like a fog clearing and he knew that the phantom time had finally dissipated.  He’d never been in the absence of time and began to take a nap because a physicist had once written, “A true nap can only be perfect when there is no time to be wasted and none to worry.”

And he napped in no time.  But it seemed like forever.

Meanwhile, in another time, a physicist had written the word “crap” and then accidentally typed “nap”.