A Donkey Made That Special

One time there was this kid who needed money for puppy. And so he got a job with his neighbor’s farmer. The farmer pretty much just needed shit shoveled and put in a pile. Boy wow did that pile have some stink!
Meanwhile, a goat was learning to speak. It was still a dumb goat but on a goat level, it was pretty smart. That goat was working on sentences, passing the kindergarten that the farmer had set up in the chicken coop away from the other goats because dumb rubs off so easily.
A goat learning to talk is sort of like learning to ride a bike on two wheels. Almost, almost . . . and then you just baaaah(goat sound).
Meanwhile, the boy had almost finished for the day and was going to the area where the donkey and the two mules were kept. And someone was about to get his chocolate into someone’s peanut butter.
The goat saw the boy and was angry, a passionate angry even about seeing a boy steal the donkey’s poop.
And like a magician who doesn’t practice, the goat trotted over to the boy, stopped, panted, and said,
“A donkey made that special.”