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Corn Mo on The Sarah Crisman Show

Check out Sarah Crisman’s Show. I’m on Episode 6 – itunes link.

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Andrew Andrew

I’ll be on the Andrew Andrew radio show today around 4pm EST.
Listen link

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Your Own Personal Anthem

Do you have a goal so huge that you need an anthem to get over the mountain? Then, please submit your goal or project to

If we pick you, then you will have your own personal anthem written by my band, .357 Lover. When you find yourself in times of trouble, you can play your anthem. When the deep waters of despair keep you at bay, play the anthem. When you find yourself trapped in the caves of frustration, play the anthem. We will be the soundtrack to your struggles. If you fail to achieve your goal, then burn the anthem onto a cdr and immediately throw it away in the garbage. We’ll try again by being silent. Hopefully, everything will go as planned. Check Thrillist for details:

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Beatles Weekend Correction

Roger Greenawalt is playing the entire Beatles catalog on ukelele at The Brooklyn Bowl. On my email, I said I would play at 5:45am on Sunday morning, thinking he was playing a 24-hour set. I was completely wrong. I am playing at 5:45pm on Sunday evening and am also playing Saturday night around 10pm.
I didn’t think anyone would come hear me play a couple of Beatles covers before 6am, but just in case, since I’m a fan of am shows.

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Monsters of Accordion

The Monsters of Accordion tour website is up. I’m really excited about this tour.

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Time Travel News

Move over John Titor, Eloi Cole has traveled from the future to save the earth:
A reposting of Time Cop is in order:

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CD is at the Plant

The cd is at the plant.  Should be finished by October 1st.

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Digital City Blog

I’ve been asked to blog for a site called Digital City. The best part about it is that I can interview my friends. Read them all.

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.357 LOVER playing today on URN Radio

Wednesday, January 21
11pm GMT
6pm EST
The Do Not Disconnect Show
listen live

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Download “Give it Up” from .357 Lover’s Diorama of the Golden Lion at


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The Go-Getter in Theaters

This is a great movie. I play in a band with the great Nick Offerman.
In LA The Laemmle Monica 4-plex on 2nd St.
In NY The Quad on 13th street between 5th & 6th.
In Portland The Livingroom.
In Toronto The Canada Center.

Watch the trailer here:

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CMJ Review of Knitting Factory Party

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Boston Herald Preview

Hello?  Ding Dong.  Hello?  Hi, it’s me.  Axl.  I mean Mo.  What’s the 411 on finishing your cd?  What?  Look who’s talking.

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Animated Epilady

 Scott Bateman is making one flash animation every day for a year.  Today he animated "My Epilady".

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New Videos and Other Newness

Some of you have realized that there are new videos on the Videos Page. If you haven’t checked it out, please do so. The new “CornMo Rant” is there now. The videos are using a service called YouTube. It’s like Flickr for videos.

There are major updates planned for this site in the coming months. Is something missing? You need to let me know. Do you want more CornMo for your CornDollar? Let your voice be heard! Email me at (webmo at cornmo dot com).

Does anyone out there do clever Flash Animation? Do you want to contribute content to Have you ever seen RatherGood? That site is H-I-Larious. I am looking for someone (or someones… somes one?) to create flash cartoons to go with CornMo’s songs...

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CornMo on

Go HERE to see CornMo’s site on You can listen to songs that aren’t on this site, like "Hava Nagila Monster" (which is your new favorite Corn Mo Song). You can make CornMo your interweb friend and he can do the same to you. You can share an eBeer. In case you didnt notice, there is a new video over on the "Quick Links" section on the sidebar. If this rock and roll thing doesnt work out, CornMo might become a motivational speaker. Check it out. I’ll be adding this to the video page soon. -Joel (WebMo)

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Boston Herald interview

Some other magazine interview

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August 2005

Haven’t kept up with my own news. But, no news is good news. Plus, I hate writing news. Writing in third person feels stupid. So, I guess this is bloggy news.

New CD

I’m working on a new cd. Many tracks are done, including “Havi Nagila Monster”. The tentative title is “Your Favorite Hamburger is a Cheeseburger”.

I had some computer problems in getting the tracks uploaded. I think its working now. I’m apprehensive about them because I’m on a budget. I work with what I got.

Some songs are short and some are really short.

Each cd will come with a live ant with your name written across its back. In my blood. Some cd’s will have earthworms instead. If you get one of those, you get to visit my chocolate factory. You’ll each get a chocolate statue of yourself to eat...

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Trying out a new Mp3 thing.

Listen to “Lollipop” by Corn Mo


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June, 2004

JUNE, 2004
I received this email a few days ago:

the second week of July we are going cross the US and then we got a couple of
shows on the weekend after. You want to open ?

– Mr. John Flansburgh

So, I’m taking that offer and will see many good times ahead.

Speaking of the Giants, you can download Particle Man featuring the Linnell/Corn Mo duet.

Dallas Genius, David Hanson, Makes Another Robot Head
The first one was his wife. This one is Philip K. Dick. Brilliant. I think you can see it at Wired’s Next Fest.

Read his paper on making robots look like humans as opposed to machines.

“When a robot looks too much like the real thing, it’s creepy”. – Osaka University Professor Hiroshi Ishiguro.

So, more on robots, if you’re in Edinburgh visit here. They had a robot jellyfish in ...

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