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Andrew Andrew Podcast Live

I read a scene with the late Paulette Goddard and nailed it.!-andrewandrew/id545678108?i=332152031&mt=2

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The Self-conscious Immortal

A vampire walked briskly to get home around 5am. It was almost daylight and he was cursing because he had forgotten about the time change due to daylight savings time. This happened every year, every year since it was instituted and every year he forgot. He tried not to look like he was in too much of a hurry because then everyone would suspect he was a vampire. He also didn’t want anyone to see how he ran because he ran like a 19th century crab-billy.

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TMBG “No Cops”

John and John were very kind to invite me. I am very fortunate.

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The Grief and the Grandeur

I was asked to write a love song for someone’s wife.  He gave me a list of things he loved about her.  I gave the list back to him in the form of a slow jam.


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I am very fortunate to be added to the bill with bands I admire.
doors at 8, show at 9.

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