Happy Birthday, Don’t Cry

A song about my great aunt.

Regular Nursing Home Diary Fan Fiction
I woke up late. 3am. My roommate is still asleep. She sleeps with her mouth open and she still has all her teeth, so instead of being repulsive, she is inspiring. Inspiring might be the wrong word. I dreamed she had blood soup for dinner. In the dream she wouldn’t tell me what she was eating. It looked like tomato soup but bloody. I don’t watch tv anymore but I think falling asleep to her television show had something to do with my dream. Before falling into slumber, I saw a man pull the heart out of another man and my brain made blood soup for dreams.
I made instant coffee and pulled out a Little Debbie sweet roll. i usually put it in the microwave for 7 seconds with one end opened but I didn’t want to wake my roommate Sharon. She can be sweet when she wants to.
When 6am comes, I will get real coffee and begin calling people who have birthdays. Mostly, strangers. By the way, it’s Sharon’s birthday. So, I will sing quietly into her dream ear.

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