Le Squeezebox Cabaret Tonight

Monday, April 4
Le Squeezebox Cabaret
Public Assembly
70 N. 6th Street
Accordions, magicians and dancers: Corn Mo (.357 Lover), Benjamin Ickies (This Ambitious Orchestra, The Ja Ja Jas), Juliet Jeske (Wham Slam Bam Variety Hour, Hard Candy Burlesque), Matt Dallow (Amour Obscure), Bobbie Horowitz (Horowitz & Spector), The Great Dubini (The Love Show), Evan Laurence (Sexahol, Carne Musica, Evan Laurence Presents), Julie Smith (The Love Show, Nutcracker: Rated R), Valton Jackson (The Love Show, Nutcracker: Rated R), Kalen (Ladybug Stingray), Jennifer Carlson (Axis Danz, The Love Show, Nutcracker: Rated R), Dangrrr Doll, Sarah Conrad (The Love Show, Group Hug, Nutcracker: Rated R), Lola “Luscious” Monroe (Silky Sirens Burlesque), Group Hug, Steve Dworkin, Amazing Amy (Yoga Contortion Dancing) and your host, David F. Slone, Esq. (cleverly disguised as Un Garçon Named Suzette)

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