Recording Day – Vocals

Put down some vocal tracks today. I got a bad cold on Sunday. I hardly ever get sick which makes the timing of this excellent. There are two other times when I was sick doing vocal tracks: MC Duncan’s Dog and Pony Show and The Polyphonic Spree’s Together We’re Heavy. You can tell I’m sick on the former and can’t tell anything on the latter since it was backing vocals that were barely coming out. I didn’t want this record to have sick vocals but I did them anyway. Some may be kept and some are definitely being thrown away.

3 comments to Recording Day – Vocals

  • Jeff  says:

    Hey, Corn Mo!

    How’s abouts an update, brother?


    Rock on/Rock out,


  • cornmo  says:

    I lost my voice that day. As foolish as that is, we may have gotten some good takes. The studio owners were cool enough to give us a break on recording as I had thrashed my voice. Since that time, I’ve been frequenting my voice teacher/voice therapist. He’s been helping me get it back to normal. We go back in on March 17.

  • TDK  says:

    Your talent is wasted on backup vocals!

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