Daily Archives September 12, 2008

Tonight, Sept 12


Straight Up, Vampire!
511 W.54th St. at 10th Avenue
(next to The Colbert Report)
I'll be playing Ben Franklin, turning into a werewolf.

The New Yorker: What does Paula Abdul have in common with vampires, werewolves, and Benjamin Franklin? One group of performers, including members of the puppet-human hybrid company Jollyship the Whiz-Bang, set out to find the answer this past weekend, at the Bowery Poetry Club. Michael Schulman caught the show and offers this report:"Straight up, now tell me / do you really want to love me forever?" The songs of Paula Abdul obviously carry hidden messages about the living dead. That, anyway, was the idea behind "Straight Up Vampire: The History of Vampires in Colonial Pennsylvania as Performed to the Music of Paula Abdul...

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