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Monday, September 29
217 E Houston

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When the prospector fell asleep

On a blanket on some rocks next to a boulder under a tree among the pine needles lay a tired old prospector. Too tired to cook, the old man used a good sack of beans for a pillow. The faint smell of bear poop kept his danger sense awake but the rest of him collapsed in slumber.
This was his dream:
“Hello, Cracky!” said the barman.
The old prospector looked around the most fantastic saloon he had ever seen. The women who worked there were gorgeous.  The whiskey was on tap along with beer.  The piano player was a retired president.

The old man was suddenly awakened by the moist nose and warm breath of a bear. Somewhat comforted, most of his body wanted to go back to sleep. But before the internal debate could transpire, the bear bit into his head like an apple...

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John Titor Fan Fiction: Nacho ’75

How did you know where to find the IBM 5100?
Yesterday, I used the gravitational machine as a transporter for distance rather than time. It’s almost like walking through a door from your room in NYC to a room in Hot Springs, AR, which is where I went.
Did you set the machine to go there?
I set the machine to find the parts I needed through a plugin I’d installed. It’s like a search engine except that instead of ending at website, I end up in Hot Springs, AR at an antique mall.
Upon arriving in a stall in the lavatory (it gauges the closest and safest destination) I noticed a fellow washing his hands. I think he noticed I’d mysteriously come out of a bathroom I’d never gone into. He began following me without much discretion, looking away when I turned around...

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Tonight, Sept 12


Straight Up, Vampire!
511 W.54th St. at 10th Avenue
(next to The Colbert Report)
I'll be playing Ben Franklin, turning into a werewolf.

The New Yorker: What does Paula Abdul have in common with vampires, werewolves, and Benjamin Franklin? One group of performers, including members of the puppet-human hybrid company Jollyship the Whiz-Bang, set out to find the answer this past weekend, at the Bowery Poetry Club. Michael Schulman caught the show and offers this report:"Straight up, now tell me / do you really want to love me forever?" The songs of Paula Abdul obviously carry hidden messages about the living dead. That, anyway, was the idea behind "Straight Up Vampire: The History of Vampires in Colonial Pennsylvania as Performed to the Music of Paula Abdul...

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This Weekend

Friday, September 5
Fairfield, CT
Fairfield Theater Company
Stage One
70 Sanford St. (across from Metro North stop)
7:30pm (doors at 7)
Tickets: $22
w/ The Zambonis and Tragedy
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Saturday, September 6 and Sunday, September 7
Philadelphia, PA
First Unitarian Church of Philadelphia
2125 Chestnut St.
I will be playing local hero, Ben Franklin, in this staged reading
of the history of vampires and Paula Abdul in colonial Philadelphia.
more info

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