Daily Archives April 9, 2008


I got this email yesterday.  It made my day.  I’d sent the Golden Warrior a copy of Your Favorite Hamburger is a Cheeseburger

Hey Jon,
Thanks for the CD. Hope you guys are doing well. This is my wife’s email address. I don’t do email unless it’s something special.
Keep Up The Good Work…If you don’t get a Grammy for “SHINE ON” then it’s rigged.
Your Friend,
Kevin Von Erich

Here’s some of the hair match. 

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3/12/08 Austin Beauty Bar

We stopped at the Czech Stop in West on the way to Austin.  Ron and Suke had never been there and wanted to make sure we stopped there again on the way back so they could stock up on kolaches (Czech pastries).  I wrote a song about that place once and gave them a recording of it.  The town has a big festival and Myron Floren and Brave Combo have played there along with many other accordion players.

bravecombosimpsons.jpg brave combo on the simpsons

It’s a great town.

SXSW registration was overwhelming. Ron and I went to register while Suke and Dave looked for a place to park the van.  At one point we were going up the escalator and Ron said, “Do you feel a knot in your stomach?”  “Yeah, I do.”  I’ve never seen such a concentrated cool contest as I did there.  Not that everyone was trying but enough were to ma...

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