Mongol Rally Adventure

I received this email a week ago. What a great adventure!

Hey man,
we met a couple of months ago in NYC, but I just wanted to send you
some pictures I thought you might appreciate. Basically I
participated in a Rally Race across Europe and Asia this summer for
charity and carried the music and inspiration of Corn Mo with me.
These pictures were all taken in Kazakhstan just before my rally car
died. For more pictures and a more profound explanation, check out have a good one.



tommy3.jpgtommy2.jpgtommy4.jpg tommy1.gif


2 comments to Mongol Rally Adventure

  • RumorsDaily  says:

    There are Corn Mo stickers?! I had no idea.

    Is there anywhere an interested party could obtain them online? should have a Corn Mo merchandise section.

  • PoorPete  says:

    Wait, we can post comments now?! Finally!

    That’s hardcore awesomeness.

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