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Bassoon tracks

Walter Kuhr kindly came by the studio the other day.  He laid down some bassoon tracks for a few songs.  I was going to use bass clarinet but couldn’t find anyone.  It’s better to have friends play anyway.  It’s more fun that way.  He’s the fellow who directs the Main Squeeze Orchestra, the all-girl accordion orchestra.  He also runs an accordion shop called the Main Squeeze.  He fixed the bellows on my accordion last week.  He’s a very good fellow.


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The Suppertime of Jules Verne’s 178th Birthday

Diary Entry: February 9 (as dictated to the secretary, Charles, who writes very slowly)
14 knocks on my door.  I counted each one.  Some were in cadences familiar to everyone.  Five of those and then nine in a steady manner.  I waited for the fifteenth one but it never came.  When I got to the door and peeped through the hole, I saw a delivery guy holding a bag.  It was my dinner. So, I opened the door and the guy held the bag up.  It didn’t say Spice on the bag as it usually does.  The guy moved his other hand from his waist to behind the bag.  A moment to gasp and then he shot at me through the bag.  If it weren’t for my copy of The Green Gable Show I would have passed away immediately, barely missing my 178th birthday dinner...

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Recording with Tuba Joe

I recorded tuba tracks on four songs with TubaJoe Exley today.  He is Exleynt on tuba.  sorry.


You can hear his stuff here.  The sounds he did with me are for the cd I’ve been working on which is supposed to be done, soon.

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More Bonnarrooooooo!

I caught a ride with a friend of a friend that I hadn’t seen in a while.  He had rented an rv and I made some new friends and had a swell time getting to Tennessee. 

smokering.jpg At one point, we saw a giant smoke ring.

Show. I had an excellent show.  An excellent time.  I don’t know how it could have been better.  I played in a tent and it was hot and I sweated tremendously, but I don’t think ac would have made it better.  I’m sure someone could make a chart and show me how it could have been better but I can’t.  In my memory, it was perfect.

mobonaroo.jpg This is how my dad eats salad.  We only appear angry.

Free. My one-man band status allowed me to treat my new friends to dinner with free-dinner passes.  I met Lewis Black and had a nice sandwich...

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You’re Welcome

Dear Corn Mo,
At the behest of Mr. Bill Stites, I checked out your Bonnaroo set and
was blown away by it.  Never before have I been as utterly compelled
by a single musician with an accordian, or even watched one for that
matter.  I was pleasantly surprised to find you’d be in Baltimore
shortly and will be getting together the small group of people that,
while watching your Bonnaroo set, I thought “I know some people that
would love this” about.

Also, while mildly intoxicated in the backstage band area, I
approached the designer jeans tent and asked for a pair.  When asked
what band I played with, I instinctively spouted out that I was “the
drummer for Corn Mo.”  We talked about our (your) music for a while
and then she gave me the pants.  Since I would not have these pants
were it no...

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New Video Posted

Corn Mo with They Might Be Giants performing Hocus Pocus by Focus

Click away.

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