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The Man with Almost Tremendous Foresight

I played 2 shows on Saturday.  One was in Red Bank, NJ and the other was in New York City.  The second one was easy because I was to sit in with Mr. Brownstone on a song for their last show ever to be had in NYC.  The only thing was, I kept forgetting the words to Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door.  It should be easy, like who played Uncle Buck, but for some reason I always forget. 

It was on the J train to Bowery where I was trying to remember the second verse to this song when a man came into my car and started playing it.  I hadn’t even prayed for it, yet  and didn’t know I was going to.  I looked for some money to give him but didn’t have any.  I mean I did, but I needed the ten.  

He got to the second verse and I began to remember the words quicker than he sang them (music thera...

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Two Dudes Helping Out

Fortune Dave confessed to making placating concessions to his doorman, Undisclosed Steve. Steve eats salads that Dave makes at home and in return Steve acknowledges that Dave has a place to live. Code Red Days are the days that Steve requests a Dagwood salad. Those days, Steve will stand by the door for the duration of the meal. The rest of the day is spent at Steve’s own place where he plays Worlds of Warcraft, all day, sometimes explaining to other warriors at the bar what a Dagwood is. Once, when all the warlocks were listening at a nearby table, they looked up from their ales at Fortune Dave, who then made his confession.

Then, there was Vampire Pokey, who was teeming with dead blood...

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