Daily Archives May 30, 2006

Renelvis Eve

The last time that I played with Renelvis was some time ago in Raleigh, NC.  My friend, John Ray Rickey, lived there at the time and he wanted the two of us to be involved in his buddy’s wrestling tribute spectacular.  It was spectacular.  I wrote an entry song for each character. All wrestlers had a special power and would use that special power in order to defeat the opponent. Years before, back in Denton, when I was in the Dooms, we wrestled Cornhole to decide who would headline.  Our 8 piece art rock team pulverized their 5 piece giant country rock team (sorry for the lack of proper dashing).
Renelvis had two Elvis suits that he’d made himself for the two sets-one of Elvis songs (blue suit) and one of songs inspired by Elvis (orange suit)...

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