Daily Archives May 11, 2006

Main Squeeze Rehearsal

photo by Hai Zhang

photo by Hai Zhang

I rehearsed last night with the Main Squeeze Orchestra.  I’d never seen them before, only heard about them.  When I moved to NYC, I asked around about accordion repair shops and Walter Kuhr’s Main Squeeze came up.  I never went to his shop, opting for Alex’s accordion repair shop in Times Square.

Then, I heard that he’d started an accordion orchestra, an all-female orchestra.  I thought that was a cool idea but still had never gone to see them.  Until last night when my directions brought me to a classroom tucked away near Chinatown to the 13 ladies with accordions led by Walter at the front.

I felt shy for some reason.  I think it was because it was a classroom, but who knows.  So, I quietly went to the back of the room and sat as they rehearsed the Brand...

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