Subway Fan Fiction

"I saw Blank Check last night."


"It was okay.  Not what I thought."

"What you think it was?"

"I dunno.  Just a different kind of movie than I thought.  It’s over 10 years old now, that movie."

"Oh yeah?"

"Yeah.  Time flies.  I’m gonna get an egg and cheese."


"The kid from Family Ties was in it."

"Oh yeah?"

"He’s got some years on him now I guess."

"The kid from the movie?"

"Yeah.  You’re hungry, too right?"

They got off at Union Square.  The End.  Two others get on.

"He’s got the shits.  He is the shits."

"You see the new Star Wars?  I got it on dvd.  Joey has it."

"That guy’s gonna get it.  He’s the shits."


"No, but I wanna see that new Star Wars."

They get off at 6th Ave.  The End.  I get off, too.  And then some addled fellow stopped a pretty girl.

"Excuse me does this go to 6th Ave?"

"This is 6th."

"I’m sorry I meant 7th."

Girl keeps walking.  "Yes."

The fellow was made out of syrup.  The End.