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Subway Fan Fiction

"I saw Blank Check last night."


"It was okay.  Not what I thought."

"What you think it was?"

"I dunno.  Just a different kind of movie than I thought.  It’s over 10 years old now, that movie."

"Oh yeah?"

"Yeah.  Time flies.  I’m gonna get an egg and cheese."


"The kid from Family Ties was in it."

"Oh yeah?"

"He’s got some years on him now I guess."

"The kid from the movie?"

"Yeah.  You’re hungry, too right?"

They got off at Union Square.  The End.  Two others get on.

"He’s got the shits.  He is the shits."

"You see the new Star Wars?  I got it on dvd.  Joey has it."

"That guy’s gonna get it.  He’s the shits."


"No, but I wanna see that new Star Wars."

They get off at 6th Ave.  The End.  I get off, too.  And then some addled fellow stopped a pretty girl.

"Excuse me doe...

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I recorded last night.  It went well.  The album is starting to take shape and I’m getting excited about its progress.  The Magic is You! took less than a week to record.  This one has been taking too long and I’ve been second guessing my choices, frequently.  But now, I feel a momentum and it’s good as I don’t mind fumbling about it.

The artwork is coming along, too.  Not as dynamic as the last one, but cool.  It was going to be called "Your Favorite Hamburger is a Cheeseburger" and then it was going to be called something else but that’s going to change again I’m sure.

One of my favorite songs on the cd so far is 20 seconds long and in German.  I had some help translating and will probably be incorrect in my pronunciations.

I hope to have it out, soon.

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Whenever She is Blue

I used the rendering tool, Coconut Head, on my girlfriend’s first communion photo.  Whenever I show it to her, she vomit laughs.

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Dan Castle

I met this fellow who built rocks out of sand with rubber and glue.  He took a rock and made a mold from it.  Then, he would go to his mixing bowl using sand, glue, and sometimes an egg to make a sort of dough, inserting it into the mold.  Then, he would squirt an epoxy that he called, "The Going Backwards", and it would harden.

When he had enough rocks he built a castle.  Well, he called it a castle but it was more like a house.  With two turrets divided by a porcelein minaret and a slide for the back stairs it was definitely an odd house.   There was one room blocked that was not unlike a caved-in mineshaft.  He told me that pile was a door.  I tried to open it, thinking it was one piece made to look like a pile of rocks but I was wrong.  It took a good 45 minutes to open that "door". 

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