Culver City’s Cabinet of Wonder

I had a good time in LA.  I visited the La Brea Tar Pits this time.  There’s a wall of wolf skulls.  Or jawbones.  I can’t remember except that it was immense.  Nonetheless, they have a wealth of fossils there.
Superlative to the museums I visited is still the Museum of Jurassic Technology. Oh, how I love to see the vision of one person come to fruition! There I caught a movie trailer that the founder was showing in order to acquire the funds to make a complete movie.  It was a waterfall with some piano in the background but at one point just the waterfall.  I love quiet nature videos.  I tried to make one in Ireland but my hand shook too much as I was driving.  I hope Mr. Wilson gets his funding.
I did a show with Hard N Phirm.  One of the guys in that group is Chris Hardwick, who hosted Singled Out and was physically bothered in House of 1000 Corpses.  They did a Tron rock opera not then but at another time. The other fellow, Mark, has no sense of smell. Really nice fellows. 

hardnphirm.jpgHard N Phirm

The other guy in the show was Mike O’Connell, who was very funny.  If Rip Taylor were a Kentucky colonel and enjoyed the company of a lady and a glass of white then you’d be hanging out with Mike.


I went over my time again.  This is twice in the comedy.  The first time was awful.  This time not so bad.  Usually, the sound guy tells you “One more” meaning “you have time for one more song.”  I usually tell the sound guy to tell me “10 minutes” meaning “you have 10 more minutes” and I gauge it from there.  On the comedy stage, however, there’s a light.  And when the light comes on it means “wrap it up.” 
When I was in Y-Indian Guides, my name was Brave Wolf.  Now it would be Dumbhead Who Can’t See Light.  Pardon my French.
I enjoy LA.  Read City of Quartz.