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When I played soccer (or football, depending on how you talk out loud) in the 3rd grade, we voted for a team name.  One dude, who talked too much, wanted The Sweathogs.  I wanted that, too.  Another fellow liked The Rowdies. Another fellow wanted The Strykers.  The dude for the Sweathogs kept pacing saying "Sweathogs" so much that Coach Kennison told him to shut up and that we were not going to be called The Sweathogs.  The team was called the Rowdy Strykers. 

The MTA workers went on strike today.  I’m going home today.  I hope that’s good timing.

soccer.gifrobot soccer

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Weekend of Other People’s Shows

On Friday, I saw Todd Barry and Andy Kindler on Friday for one of those Comedy Central Presents.  They both killed.  They’re killers.

todd-barry.jpgfor your wallet-size

On Saturday, I saw my friend, Dave, play.  He was Izzy from Brownstone and played an acoustic set of his own material.  Good times.  Good songs.  He has no cd’s nor a website so you’ll have to have my hearsay alone.

"Thanks so much for coming out to my show Saturday – it really meant a
lot to me. I was not expecting so many people to show up and neither
were the people working there. When I was soundchecking the sound guy
was all "hey, maybe people will hear your guitar and come upstairs and
stay for a song or two…then at least you’ll have a few people in the
room."  Then you guys were all "hey, we’re here for the show" and I was like "yeah!"

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Supper Wind

When I’m a walkin’ I smell it
When I’m a talkin’ I don’t
but when I’m walkin’ I smell the cookin’s done
When I feel it gone a toucha my mouth
Like a smick smack I can’t go out
cause supper wind is blowing me back home.

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Letter from a Brownstone

Dear Axl Rose,

I am sorry that I used your likeness on stage this weekend.  I was you not only in New York but in Boston as well.  I wore a kilt like you did and a bandana like you did and grew a beard like you did and tried to sing like you did.  But if you were Elvis, I would have been Aloha Elvis, which I like better than young Elvis. 

I used cheat sheets for all the songs that I thought I knew.  You write so many words and its hard to remember.  I apologize.  But, boy oh boy, you should have seen the mess of notes at the end of the night.  It looked like I was reading old timey data sheets in the rain.  You see where I’m going?

I also didn’t drink the sweet tea that was offered to me.  But, in that I think I was straight on with you.

Oh, and by the way, I don’t know what road you pave...

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Boston Herald Preview

Hello?  Ding Dong.  Hello?  Hi, it’s me.  Axl.  I mean Mo.  What’s the 411 on finishing your cd?  What?  Look who’s talking.

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Wednesday, January 11
Northern Ireland
The Menagerie
130 University Street
w/ Son of Shrimp

No Corn Mo shows this week either.  However, I am sitting in with Mr. Brownstone as Axl Rose this weekend.  Good, stupid fun as always.

Friday, December 9
North Six
66 N.6 St
w/ Heather, Bling Kong, and Soy Dracula

Saturday, December 10
The Paradise
967 Commonwealth Ave.
w/ Heather

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Dawdlin’: Sitting in With Mr. Brownstone

We had Mr. Brownstone practice on Saturday.  Those songs are awesome to sing.  I gotta learn the words.

I had three nosebleeds on Saturday.  One of them occurred when we were playing “You Could Be Mine”.   I was reminded today of the nosebleed while looking over my notes as there were specks of dried blood all over the page.  That day, I kept going because a) we were renting a rehearsal space and b) it just seemed so badass to sing and bleed.

I remember giving an “It’s alright” look to “Izzy’s” concerned look.  It was especially awesome on the bridge.  Oh, these words tasted like blood:

“While you’re breakin’ down my back
and I been rackin’ out my brain
It don’t matter how we make it
cause it always ends the same
you can push it for more mileage but your flaps are wearin thin
i cou...

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My friends, Will and Emily, were in town.  We met at the Met and looked at art.  I should go there more often than I do now.  When I moved to NY, I told myself I should go to the Natural History Museum every Saturday.  I haven’t been in 2 years.  

forest at winter.jpg  The Forest in Winter at Sunset, 1845–67
Pierre-Étienne-Théodore Rousseau (French, 1812–1867)

I also told myself to go see more theater and I haven’t.  My friend, Nick, came to town and got me a free ticket to see Doubt.  The theater is nice and you can drink beer at your seat which is a plus.  John Patrick Shanley wrote a really good play.  He also wrote Joe Versus the Volcano, a fine film that lovingly shows off Long Island City and Abe Vigoda.

fish3.jpgwarm hearted, who farted?

Back to Saturday, I tried to take Will and Em and Jasper and Josh and Una...

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Animated Epilady

 Scott Bateman is making one flash animation every day for a year.  Today he animated "My Epilady".

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No Shows. Killing Time.

Corn Mo cd’s are now at CD Baby.  I HOPE YOU WIN! cd’s are floating around New Jersey somewhere.  In the meantime, you can get it on Real Rhapsody or Itunes or some other mp3 site.  CD Baby Review.

No shows this weekend.  Ben got sick.  

Phone shows will be happening again, soon.

If you want to see some shows this weekend, then go see my friends:

Friday, December 2, 7pm
The Randy Brothers
The Pit
154 W. 29th St.

Scurvy Pirates (some members of Big Boote’)
332 E. 11st, Manhattan
(Between 1st and 2nd)

Saturday, December 3, 8 pm
Ghetto Ways
Irving Plaza
w/ Dinosaur Jr.
NY, too

But then, next week, I’m standing in for Sean as Axl Rose in Mr. Brownstone next week as his band, Clap Your Hands Say Yeah is out of the country do big shows.  We’ll be at North Six on Friday,...

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