Trey’s Bum Leg

Trey loved the wet field. He walked with his pant legs rolled up. The bugs would jump from drinking dew, parting the way for Trey. One time, Trey’s leg slipped into a hole, making him thrust forward, losing control of his balance, breaking his leg. He knew it was broken because he heard the snap.
What he didn’t know was that his brother Billy was behind him the whole time.
“Huh? Oh, thank goodness, Billy. I don’t know why you’re here but I’m so glad for this moment. Please go run for help. I can’t walk.”
“Sure, thing, Trey. Hey, can you write this paper about The Pony Express for me since you’re all invalid for the moment?”
“Anything, brother. Now run. Run like tomorrow is too late from yesterday!”
“Wha? Okay.”
And Trey sat and thought about some things he needed to change about his life. And then he picked up a pencil from Billy’s Trapper and began writing a brilliant essay about the Pony Express.
Trey started feeling hungry and reached inside Billy’s backpack for a candy bar or an apple. Nothing. He turned around more, not noticing that there was no pain to notice and saw eight broken stalks of celery.
His first thought was “Hey celery!”
His second thought was “I wish I had some peanut butter or cream cheese!”
His third thought was “DAMN YOU BILLY!” for his leg was not broken. Only the celery. And he was mad, yet grateful, and yet more mad than grateful.
And he walked home eating the broken celery very angry until he thought of how he didn’t like celery in soup.