Daily Archives August 15, 2005

Ben Folds at the Borgata in Atlantic City

I had a blast in AC. Ben’s been hanging with his family so me and Jared and Lindsey went to the Steel Pier and got hooked up on free rides. The guys that run that place are real nice.
We rode go-karts and I kicked ass until this young guy grabbed his chest inside his car. He looked about 12. I think he was okay but it was a real scare. I felt bad for his dad. I can’t imagine how bad it sucks to see your kid hurt like that.
Then, me and Jared rode the Rocket. That ride’s bad ass. It shoots you 200 feet in the air and its hard to process your bearings, so its a true thrill ride and not a “nod” to thrill rides.
We went to get dinner at the ac bar and grill where lobster is cheap and the beer is delicious. I got a bloody mary there once and they put Old Bay seasoning in it...

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