Jet Blue was real good to me. They didn’t charge me for oversize bags (ie my piano). Continental did. They even called me from the gate to come back to the ticket counter to pay for it: $75. I hope they put that money to good use.
My friend, Eric, picked me up at the Denver Airport took me to the great town of Boulder.
It was good seeing everyone again. The Giants are really good guys.

And tonight we debuted “Hocus Pocus” by Focus! That song is awesome. They brought me out on their 2nd encore and we rocked the shit out of that song. wait, they did and I ran out of breath due to the rocky mountain levels and couldn’t yodel the second time through but squeezed in some “Stayin’ Alive”. That’s a good song, too. The Bee Gees wrote good songs.
Oh, and some guy named Dave is bringing me some beer he made tonight. This is our second show in Boulder and he’s coming back. “They’re in cans. I hope you don’t mind.” Home brew in cans? That’s fantastic drinkin!
Speaking of drinking, we went to K’s China afterwards. Its a good old fashioned frat bar. This drunky dude was telling me about the time he “high-five-saturday-night”-ed Chuck Woolery at the Kentucky Derby. I enjoyed his brief company. I did a shot of Tuaca (girls drink that) with a Vailian local. I was on NY time in Boulder and had been up since 5am so I was getting sleepy. Me and Eric and his sweet ladyfriend, Jen, drove back to Denver and I passed out as Eric was telling me how hot it was in the house.
I woke up to an atomic alarm clock and made up something in my dream state on how important that alarm was but that I didn’t need to get up at 6am. When the clock goes off it shoots a beam to the ceiling with the time on it. I was too tired/stupid to turn it off.
I got up and hung out with JC. Not the famous JC but the fellow who was visiting from Dallas. He showed me the obsidian knife he was making. Yeah, it was a blade made from obsidian rock embedded in a deer antler, wrapped in faux sinew. That blade was pretty. Its translucent purple. I’ve never stabbed anything but I bet it’s not too hard to stab with a rock blade though its probably only good for slicing a piece of flan.
JC’s part Native American but doesn’t know which tribe because his grandmother won’t give up that info. I think I’m part Native American but am too lazy to find out if its true. That’s a shame. I have alot to be ashamed of but being a fool has its prizes.
I gotta go practice Hocus Pocus by Focus with the great They Might Be Giants now. I’m lucky today.