Jory’s Gameboy, Caruso

Jory (of Common Rotation) got a Gameboy. I played 007 on it. It’s good to have when you’re driving at night and your booklight is out. I’m reading “Them” by Jon Ronson and it’s a great read.

My voice is better. The beer fast helped.

I watched Steven Segal last night. He focuses well when he fights. I liked Timecop with Van Damme. He’s a little tragic and I like that. I hope he wins.

Jory’s got Rhapsody. I’m listening to Tiny Tim sing “Somewhere Over the Rainbow”. I love Tiny Tim. I got to open for him once. What a wonderful performer. He gave his all. He would go on one knee to bring it home and would need help getting back up. Genuine and genius he was. A beautiful man.

You know who else is still awesome? David Lee Roth. The first time my band played in high school I rented his video and watched his moves. We covered “Yankee Rose” and I got the kick in on “when she walks, watch, the sparks will fly”. I finally got to see him last year with my friend, Jake. He’s still awesome.

And Enrico Caruso. He had a wonderful voice. I’m listening to him right now, also.